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What Can I Do With Used Moving Boxes?

December - 16 - 2013 Comments Off on What Can I Do With Used Moving Boxes?

4 Options Offered by an Expert Moving Company

You have just moved in your new home, leaving the stress of hiring a moving company, as well as planning and implementing your relocation behind. Now, it is time for unpacking. Once everything goes to its place, you end up with quite many used moving boxes to dispose of. So, what should you do with them?

A few options are available aside from simply throwing the used moving boxes away.

  1. Moving boxesRecycle the boxes – This measure is not only environmentally-friendly, but also saves you the trouble of throwing the boxes away. It is best to flatten the boxes, stacking and bounding them together into piles of similar sizes. Then all you have to do is to arrange your community recycler to come and pick them up. If the location you moved to does not have a recyclable pickup service, you can always drop them off at a local recycling facility of your choice.
  2. Sell the boxes – Just as you needed to gather boxes, as well as other moving supplies, when you decided to move, others will as well. If you bought them new, you can sell them at a reduced price to other individuals or families that need to move as well. One option is to hold a garage sale, which is a great opportunity to meet and befriend your new neighbors. Another alternative, is to post an ad in an internet directory or your local newspaper, aimed at people who are looking for cheap or used moving supplies. By selling your moving boxes, you will not only get rid of them, but you will also actually earn some cash. The buyers will also benefit as they will obtain the boxes they need, saving money and time.
  3. Use them for storage – As the boxes are sturdy enough for shipping your personal belongings, you can used them as storage space as well. If you have household or personal items you don’t need to use at the moment, you can pack them in as many boxes as needed and simply store them in your attic, garage, or basement.
  4. Use them for insulation – Cardboard works well as an insulation material. Property owners can use them to insulate an attic or a garage. Boxes that are flattened, can be used to cover the walls in a drafty garage to retain heat or to lower the temperature in a warm attic.

Never throw your moving boxes away! They can be useful around your home or sold to earn some extra cash. For more useful tips and quality moving services, consult the experts at a reputable moving company, such as Movers N More, of Nashville, TN.