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What Do You Need to Take Care of Before Your Relocation Day?

December - 9 - 2013 Comments Off on What Do You Need to Take Care of Before Your Relocation Day?

Top 5 Short Moving Checklist

Hello, readers! As you may guess from the title of our first blog post, it will be dedicated to the process of moving preparation. Here are the most important tasks which we suggest that you need to get done before the big day of your relocation:

  1. Couple surrounded by boxes restingVisit your new place of residence with your children. Show them some really nice places around the new neighborhood, like the big candy shop down the corner, or the nice game club nearby. This will help them adapt easily when you move later.
  2. Call your utility service providers and inform them about the the exact date from which you will no longer need their services. After all, you do not want to pay bills for the days that you have already spent living in your new property.
  3. Do the same with your cable TV and internet providers.
  4. Call your bank and any companies to whose services you have subscribed to tell them your new address. This way, your main will be redirected to the right location. This means you will not have to worry that the new tenants or owners of your old property will receive mail with your personal data or any magazines and newspapers you have subscribed to.
  5. Organize a big goodbye party and invite your neighbors and other people you want to keep in touch with after you move. Make sure you write down their phone numbers and mails, so that you can easily contact them in the future.

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